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Lavender: Shea butter and lavender oils...Help with sleeplessness.

Turmeric Butter: Shea butter, Organic essential oils and organic turmeric. Even and brigthen skin tone, helps with dark spot and acne scares

Peppermint: Shea butter, Peppermint and other essential oils. Soothes irritation and inflammation associated with acne.

Mango Butter: Raw mango butter, honey oil and essential oils. Soften and smooth skin.

Strawberry Pound Cake: Shea butter, strawberry fragranced oil, Organic coconut and Jojoba oil. Soften and moisturize your skin 

Pina Colada: Shea butter, Pineapple fragranced oil, organic coconut and jojoba oil. 

Sorbet Swirl: Shea butter, essential oils and fragrances. Moisturize and smooth skin 

Coco Mango: Shea butter, essential oils and fragrances.

Turmeric Kojic Acid: Shea butter, turmeric, kojic acid, lemon oil, turmeric oil, other essential oils…kojic acid is perfect for lighten dark areas, mix with natural turmeric to achieve a bright even skin tone


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